Registration No - HR/02281/2016

Date of meeting: 20.06.2020
Time: 11.00 hrs
Venue/ Mode of Meeting : Through Video conferencing during COVID-19, lockdown Condition
The General Body meeting of INC-IAH , 2020 was held at 11.00 hrs on 20.06.2020, through video
conferencing, during COVID-19 lockdown period, under the chairmanship of Prof. D.C. Singhal,
President INC-IAH in the presence of the following:-
Members of the Executive Committee:
• Professor D.C. Singhal -President, INC- IAH
• Dr.Dipankar Saha – Secretary, INC- IAH
• Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar – Treasurer, INC- IAH
• Professor B.S.Chaudhary- Executive Member, INC- IAH
• Dr. M. A. Farooqi- Executive Member, INC- IAH
• Shri M. K. Garg – – Executive Member, INC- IAH
• Shri Ranjan Sinha- Executive Member, INC- IAH.
Names of other members present in the meeting are given in the List Attached as Annexure-1.
The meeting started with the welcome of all the members present by the president. The agenda wise
discussions and decisions are as under:
Agenda-1 Confirmation of MOM of the GBM meeting held in MRIIS, Faridabad held in March,
Since, no objections have been received from any member on the circulated MOM of GBM held on 28-
03-2019, so the minutes were approved by the general body.
Agenda-2: Announcement of Smt Savitri Chadha INC-IAH Awards 2019 and Best Paper Award.
The names of the awardees for Smt Savitri Chadha INC-IAH Awards 2019 and Best Paper Award
2019 were declared as recommended by the chairman of the Award committee, which were also disclosed
and agreed to, by all EC members in its meeting held on May 23, 2020. The announcement of the awards
was made by Dr D.K.Chadha, Former President, INC-IAH and sponsor of Smt Savitri Chadha INCIAH Awards 2019. The name of the awardees are as follows:
• Smt Savitri Chadha Memorial INC-IAH Award for Ground Water Excellence -2019 in Ground
water Investigation and Management- Shri Ranjan Sinha, DGM, CAIRN Oil and Gas.
• Smt Savitri Chadha Memorial INC-IAH Award for Ground Water Excellence -2019 in Ground water
Science Prof Madan Kr Jha, Prof IIT, Kharagpur & Prof Rashid Umar, Prof AMU, Aligarh ( Joint
• Shri Haridas Saha Memorial INC-IAH Award for best Paper for 2019- Dr Ajit Kr Behra, Assistant
Professor , BIT, Sindri.
Due to COVID-19 lockdown condition, the date for felicitation of the awards could not be finalized.
However, majority of the Members were of the view that the award felicitation may be held during the
National Seminar to be held at Jamia Milia Islamia on 7th November, 2020..
Agenda-3: Way forward for the e-Journal of Geohydrology and projected date for the launch of
2nd issue.
The members were again informed that the maiden issue of the e-journal of Geohydrology has been released
by Chairman, CGWB in Faridabad on 8th June, 2020. Shri M.K.Garg, Executive Member arranged the
programme of release of e-journal. In this regard, members present applauded the sincere efforts of Prof
D.C.Singhal, President, Prof B.S Chaudhary, Executive Editor I/C and Shri Ranjan Sinha, Executive
Member, INC-IAH in finalizing the e-Journal and for arranging redesigning of the website of INC-IAH.
For the second issue of the e-Journal, invitations/mails will be circulated to all the members of INC-IAH
and other groundwater scientists in the country. The tentative date for the 2nd issue will be October /
November,2020. The formalities of securing ISSN number for the e-Journal are being processed by the
Editor in Chief/Executive Editor I/C.
Agenda-4 : Planning for National Seminar to be organized by INC-IAH on 7
th November, 2020
As per planning to organize one day National Seminar on ‘Resilience of Ground Water Resources—
climatic scenarios’ on 7
th November 2020 at Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi, in association with their Deptt.
of Civil Engineering, the Convener of the Seminar, Dr Shakeel Ahmad, apprised the members about its
progress. The probable sponsors of the event will be sent request letters for sponsorship.
Agenda-5 Any other item with permission of the Chair.
• Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar, Treasurer, updated the financial condition of INC-IAH . He also
informed that Audit of accounts of INC-IAH for 2018-19 has been completed, however due to
lock down condition, audit for 2019-20 could not be initiated till date.
• It was also informed that one day National Conference on “Groundwater Management in Mining
and Social Sectors” was jointly organized by Indian Chapter of International Association of
Hydrogeologists (INC-IAH) and Society of Geo Scientists, Jharkhand(SGSJ) at CMPDIL campus
in Ranchi on 21st September 2019. The conference was organized under the banner of INC-IAH
without any financial burden on the INC. Prof Singhal, President, commended the efforts of Dr
Sudhanshu Shekhar, Treasurer, INC-IAH in successfully organizing the conference which was also
applauded by other members present.
• The initiative taken by Dr. Dipankar Saha, Secretary for arranging the National Ground Water
Lecture Series was highly applauded by all. The effort must continue in this direction.
• The issue of remitting 90% of the Members annual subscription to IAH Headquarters was
discussed. It has been decided that this issue would be raised further with the IAH HQ, in view of
financial constraints faced by the INC-IAH.
The meeting ended with thanks to the Chair.

(President) (Secretary)
List of members of INC-IAH (in addition to EC members) present in the
GBM held on June 20,2020
1. Dr. D.K. Chaddha
2. Prof L. Elango
3. Prof. A.Mukherjee
4. Dr. Brijesh Yadav
5. Dr. Sudhir Srivastava
6. Dr. Shakeel Ahmad
7. Shri M. Mehta
8. Shri Anadi gayen
9. Shri Rajesh Garg
10. Prof. M.K.Jha
11. Shri Murthy VRL
12. Dr. Gopal Krishnan
13. Shri Sushil Gupta
14. Shri P.K. Parchure
15. Shri Suresh A
16. Smt Ankita Priya
17. Shri Biplab Chatterji
18. Prof. P.K. Sikdar
19. Dr. Shashank Shekhar
20. Shri Yogesh Jadeja
21. Shri. A.V.S.S Anand
22. Dr. Ashok Kumar
23. Dr. Subhash C. Singh
24. Dr. Rambabu Singh
25. Shri Kalyan Adhikary
26. Shri K.P. Singh
27. Shri Anoop Nagar
28. Shri Aditya Shekhar
29. Shri Zen rainman
30. Shri V. Narayanmurthy
31. Shri Harithan V
32. Shri A. Kantha
33. Shri Subrato Haldar