Registration No - HR/02281/2016

Minutes of 4th Meeting of Executive Body of INC-IAH-2019-2021

Date of meeting: 16.07.2020
Time: 18.30 hrs
Venue/ Mode of Meeting : Through Video conferencing during COVID-19, Lockdown Condition
The fourth Executive Council meeting of the elected body 2019-21 of INC-IAH was held on
16.07.2020,18.30 hrs through video conferencing during COVID-19, lockdown period under the
chairmanship of Prof. D.C. Singhal, President INC-IAH in the presence of following:-
Members of the Executive Committee:
• Professor D.C. Singhal -President, INC- IAH
• Dr.Dipankar Saha – Secretary, INC- IAH
• Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar – Treasurer, INC- IAH
• Prof. B.S.Chaudhary- Executive Member, INC- IAH
• Dr. M. A. Farooqi- Executive Member, INC- IAH
• Shri M. K.Garg – – Executive Member, INC- IAH
• Shri Ranjan Sinha- Executive Member, INC- IAH.
• Dr. Anil Yadav- Executive Member, INC- IAH.
Special Invitee(s)
1. Dr Shakeel Ahmad, Member, Convenor, National Groundwater Seminar, Nov. 2020
The meeting started with the welcome of all the members present by the president. The agenda wise
discussions and decisions are as under:
Agenda-1: Confirmation of the minutes of 3
rd meeting of the EC held on 23-05- 2020.
Since, no objection has been raised by any members against the draft MOM of EC held on 23-05-
2020, so MOM is approved by EC.
Agenda-2: Maintenance and updating of INC IAH website.
The present website has been redesigned and officially hosted along with first issue of e-journal.
The bonafide and probable vendors in the field of web-site development and maintenance were
explored. Two quotations have been received for finalization and award of contract for maintenance
of INC-IAH website. The details of the quotations received with similar scope of work (SOW) are
given as follows:
Vendor Name Total Amount in INR
( inclusive of all
1 Amit Garg, Minerva ITech. Pvt. Ltd. Rs. 41300/-
2 Shreyansh Srivastava Rs. 15000/-
Digital Marketing/Web Media
The executive members discussed the issue and decided to award the maintenance contract of INCIAH website to M/S Shreyansh Srivastava. The body also decided to award the contract initially
for one year, with the payment to be made in two instalments. The efficiency of the vendor can also
be reviewed for first six months and then the 2nd installment can be released.
Agenda-3: Approval for certain expenditure incurred.
The society has made certain expenditure for various committed works like payment to CA,
Website domain Charges and other minor expenditure. The body approved these expenditures.
Agenda-4. Regarding organizing National seminar on Nov 07, 2020
It was decided in the earlier meeting of EC held in November,2019 to organize one day National
Seminar on ‘Resilience of Ground Water Resources’ on 7
th November 2020 at Jamia Milia Islamia,
Delhi in association with the Dept of Civil Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia. The convener of the
seminar, Dr Shakeel Ahmad, was also present in the EC meeting as special invitee. The EC was of
the opinion for deferring the seminar, considering the prevailing COVID-19 Pandemic. However,
in this regard, Dr. Ahmad informed that he will discuss the issue with Jamia Millia Authorities as
early as possible, after which any call may be taken in the matter.
Agenda-5 Any other item with permission of the Chair
It was decided that any member of INC-IAH obtaining Ph. D will be felicitated in the National Seminar.
The meeting ended with thanks to the Chair.

Dipankar Saha Secretary D C Singhal President