Registration No - HR/02281/2016

Minutes of Meeting of Executive Body of INC-IAH

Date of meeting: 19.11.2019

Time: 17.30 hrs

Venue: CGWB Office, Jamnagar House, New Delhi, India

The Second Executive Council meeting of the newly elected body 2019-21 of INC-IAH was held on 19.11.2019,17.30 hrsat CGWB Office, Jamnagar House , New Delhi under the chairmanship of Prof. D.C. Singhal, President INC-IAH in the presence of following:-

Members of the Executive Committee:

  • Professor D.C. Singhal -President, INC- IAH
  • Dr.DipankarSaha – Secretary, INC- IAH
  • Dr. Sudhanshu Shekhar – Treasurer, INC- IAH
  • Professor B.S.Chaudhary- Executive Member, INC- IAH
  • Shri Ranjan Sinha- Executive Member,INC- IAH
  • Dr Anil Kumar, Executive Member, INC-IAH

Special Invitees

  1. Dr Shakeel Ahmad, Member, INC-IAH
  2. Dr Shashank Shekhar, Life Member, INC-IAH

The meeting started with the welcome of all the members present by the president. The agenda wise discussions and decisions are as under:

Agenda-1: Confirmation of the minutes of 1st meeting of the EC held on Aug 01, 2019.

There were some observations put up by few executive council members on two decisions in the 1st Executive Council meeting. The matter was discussed and resolved and the following decisions were taken:

  • Smt.Savitri Chadha INC-IAH Awards will be continued in the same fashion as in present form. Request would again be made to Dr Chadha for permanency of the award.
  • The proposed International conference by Manav Rachna Institute of Research and Studies during March 2020 will be supported by INC-IAH. The compendium of Awardees of Savitri Chadha INC-IAH Awards will be prepared/ printed by INC-IAH. Requests would be made to the organisers to exempt the Registration fee of IAH members for participating inthe conference.

Action Taken on decisions of 1st meeting of Executive Council (EC) meeting.

The following action has been taken/to be taken on decisions on 1st EC meeting :

  1. The guidelines for Smt. Savitri Chadha INC-IAH Awards 2019 has been circulated with the deadline of 20th December 2019.
  2. INC-IAH Best Paper award 2019 will be announced and circulated. The award constitutes of Rs 5000/ cash ,& citation will be sponsored by DrD.Saha, Secretary, INC-IAH.
  3. President and Secretary, INC-IAH are authorized to decide the name of Judges for both the awards( Savitri Chadha INC-IAH and INC-IAH best paper award)
  4. Appreciation letter to be issued to honour the members of INC-IAH who has been awarded Ph.D during calendar year of 2019. The abstract of Ph.D will be published in E-Newsletter.
  5. It was decided to compile new issue of E-Newsletter which will be released in Dec2019.
  6. Shri Ranjan Sinha, Executive Member has discussed with professional web site developer and informed that tentative cost of website upgradation in view of E-journal will be Rs 65000/-(one time) and Rs 35000/-(Annual Maintenance Contract). As far as the present financial condition / Bank account is concerned, Committee is of the view that INC-IAH cannot afford it presently from its own resources. Possibility of sponsorships may be explored.
  7. However, following editorial boardfor the e-Journal has been proposed by Prof A K Sinha,VP, INC IAH.

    Chief Patron : Chairman CGWB

    Patron : Prof DC Singhal President INC IAH

    Editor in Chief : Prof A.K.Sinha Vice President, INC IAH

    Executive Editors: Prof BS Chaudhari, Prof Elango,DrDipankarSaha,Dr MK Jha, Dr Manish Kumar, Prof P.K.Sikdar; Dr.M.A,Farooqi.

    Editors: Dr S.S.Vittala, Dr Abhijit Mukherjee, Dr Madhavi Ganeshan , Dr Ashok Kumar ,Dr H.N.Singh, Dr Shashank Shekhar, Prof Rashid Umar, Dr Anil Kumar.

    DrSaha requested the EC to exempt him from Executive Editor position considering considerable workload as Secretary INC IAH. However he would extend all support for the E Journal.

    Agenda-2. Discuss on organizing a National Conference towards October-November,2020.

    It was decided to organize one day National Seminar on ‘Resilience of Ground Water Resources’ on 2nd November 2020 at Jamia Milia Islamia University Delhi in association with Delhi University and Jamia University. The convener of the seminar will be Dr Shakeel Ahmad , organizing secretaries will be Dr Shashank Shekhar & Dr Anil Kumar. The other committees will be finalized soon.

    Agenda-3. Discuss about activities like organisation of Short course(s) on Current topics of Groundwater like, Modelling/ Geophysical Exploration for Groundwater etc.

    It would be discussed in detail in next meeting

    Agenda-4. Discuss on Programme of initiating a Lecture Series by eminent experts on emerging topics of Hydrogeology/Geophysics/Hydrochemistry in prominent Institutes.

    One such programee was proposed to be organized at JNU on 19th Nov 2019. Prof V Subramanian was to deliver the talk. But due to disturbances in JNU, it could not be held. However it was decided to hold this progarmme as soon as possible in future.

    Agenda-5. To finalise name of proposed online Groundwater Journal and its details.

    The committee approved the name of e-journal as‘Journal of Geohydrology’. The editor-in –Chief of this e-journal will be Prof A.K.Sinha, Vice-president, INC-IAH. The editorial board has been finalized. 1st issue may be released in February 2020

    Agenda-6. Discuss on proposed Special Session of INC IAH at IGC 2020.

    A special Session has already been proposed in IGC 2020 and that has been accepted.

    Agenda-7. Remittance of IAH component of subscription fees of Members of INC IAH.

    It was informed by Dr S.Shekhar, Treasurer, INC-IAH that subscription fee (Headquarter share) of Members of INC-IAH has already been remitted to IAH,HQ.

    Agenda-8.Possible collaboration with AGGS

    The President informed the EC about a letter received from Dr C. Mayilswami, Secretary(Association of Global Groundwater Scientists,AGGS) based in Coimbatore (TN) requesting INC-IAH for reciprocal collaboration in organization of future conferences/workshops/trainings etc. with no financial burden on either side.

    The EC agreed to the proposal in principle.

    Any other item with permission of the Chair.

    • Eminent Geoscientists who have also worked in Ground Water domain will be honoured by INC-IAH. Modalities will be finalized.

    The meeting ended with thanks to the Chair.

    (President) (Secretary)